Gift guide for mums of young kids

I'm getting a new washing machine for Christmas this year and it's genuinely going to be a better present than anything else I could ask for. On the off chance that it's a) not what you want to buy for your mummy friends or b) probably not a great gift generally, I've put together this … Continue reading Gift guide for mums of young kids

Why you should ignore ‘how to’ guides and bossy people

This post is about doing things you're own way. Everywhere we look there are instructions, prompts and pressure to conform. There's a guide to everything from how best to put food in your baby's mouth to surviving Christmas. Things are best when you follow your initiative and keep your head up. As I realised recently, … Continue reading Why you should ignore ‘how to’ guides and bossy people

Don’t cry, don’t hate. Read this and be better than them. 

​At 5.30am today I checked Twitter. Nobody was being very coherent, but I remember one tweet: “When are they going to just declare it for him?” HIM? Oh no, this isn't right. My half asleep state failed to navigate the facts at that time, and I convinced myself to get some more sleep. I slept, … Continue reading Don’t cry, don’t hate. Read this and be better than them. 

Putting things in perspective

I was right to be anxious for the week to be over at the end of our half term minibreak. Last week had basically just been a build up of anxiety and stress, which resulted in a night that felt a bit like the last eight months all hit me in one go. I felt … Continue reading Putting things in perspective

Staycations over Santorini?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how great it is to do nothing sometimes, just an odd day here and there where absolutely nothing happens. Cue pyjamas, tea, and lots of sofa time. This week was a bit different, but just as relaxing. Gary was off work for the week and we decided … Continue reading Staycations over Santorini?

The C word

People have started tiptoeing around the C word this month, so let's just say it. The shops are making us think about Christmas because, well, it's vaguely cold enough and they can. Urgh, I'm already sighing so let's get the disclaimer over with. I'm going to try really hard not to rant but here it … Continue reading The C word

The art of the nothing day

Last week a chest infection meant we had to skip our usual week of baby groups and I wondered how quickly someone can go mad if they don't leave the house with a baby. (Answer: surprisingly fast.) A week at home was too much, but after throwing ourselves back into sensory groups, music, dance and … Continue reading The art of the nothing day

A week of ups and downs

So many people describe having a baby as a time which really puts a strain on your relationship. I think if you're a good partnership that support each other well this doesn't necessarily have to be the case, but one thing you can't get around is how much time gets stripped away from you as … Continue reading A week of ups and downs

Finding a work-life balance with a baby

Back as promised! This week, as usual lately, has been manic and flown past so fast I'm not sure I stopped to eat more than a handful of month-old Starburst. But here I am; rocking Saturday night by blogging (and publishing on Sunday). In my last post I let you know that I became a … Continue reading Finding a work-life balance with a baby

I’m back!

I'm back! Things have been really quiet for me on the blog for a while, but time away has confirmed just how much I love blogging and how much I missed writing regular posts, so I'm making a commitment to coming back to my little WordPress site. This autumn marks nine years since I started … Continue reading I’m back!