Starting off

I’m a 19 year old Public Relations student at Leeds Met Uni. I’m in my first month of uni and although still adjusting to my new life, am thriving on the opportunities already given to me.
Having taken a gap year after college to decide on a career path once and for all, (previously having a different idea for every week of the year) I failed to secure a full time job working for a glamorous company with the perks of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. (Dreaming a little here I think.) Instead I found myself still in my part time sales assistant job in a shoe shop, initially only taken on to get me through college. I then found myself with too many shoes in the cupboard and not enough money or places to go out and wear them.
Also struggling to secure enough hours at work I found myself using the days to make a growing list of ambitions, small and large, of things I wanted to achieve. Researching further into these things I found myself contemplating a career in the media. So that was that, I discovered I wanted to use the year and available time to do the little things on my list and build up realistic plans of how to achieve the bigger challenges. ( is a great place to get started with this)
Eventually this lead to where I am now, with a place on a Public Relations course with some great opportunities lined up for the future. It took some brave moves to get here but I don’t regret it. It hasn’t all been easy, especially leaving my long term boyfriend every Sunday night on his own for the week but I know my ambitions are too big to work in a shoe shop for another year!

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