Work, work, work

It’s been just about a month since I packed my bags for a strange city now, and just as I thought I was getting to know my way around, which bus to catch to uni, where to go for a nice meal (nice meal meaning the £1.99 pizza shop down the street when all other money has been spent in the pub), and generally what to do day to day, the work load has dropped onto my shoulders like an unexpected set of weights I can’t get rid of.
The shock dawned on me yesterday as I heard one of my tutors say the words ‘half way through the semester’s teaching already’. Panic set in. I felt I was still in the introductory phase, but no, full steam ahead as far as portfolios, presentations and essays go. At least I know I’m not overreacting, I wasn’t the only one on my course to feel this way, and after showing my list of assignments and deadlines to my boyfriend at the weekend I can at least rest assured that this isn’t that normal, even he admited it seems a lot for a first year. This is however coming from a man who wrote a disertation in two weeks and still graduated with a 2.1. Other freshers do seem to have it easier than me however,  like my flatmates who don’t show any signs of having any work to do yet, yet here I am at my desk most nights, scouring the internet for research.
It does make me wonder, do all the students you see in the SU bar most afternoons still graduate with a respectable grade? Do they all somehow lead double lives of studying and partying, where there’s a secret to fitting it all in hidden somewhere I don’t yet know about? Let’s hope I find out soon.

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