Home time

Well the search for the secret to fitting everything in is still in full swing, and in the mean time I’ve decided to take a couple of nights off to go home and relax. Leaving for another week seemed too much this Sunday night as I got on my train back to Leeds. So after getting my full day of 9am-7.30pm lectures and tutorials out the way today I made a beeline for platform 15b at the train station and headed home. I might not have all the resources and books here to do the best research but at least there’s the comfort of knowing I can sleep in my double bed without the worry of being woken up at 5am by drunken flatmates shouting about how everyone should get up to join them drinking in their after party, which happens to be in the living room with 10 new friends they made on the way home from a night in town.
So i’ve now realised i’m not the ‘real student’ that goes out every night and happily sleeps through the next day’s lectures, but with an overdraft to live off while my flatmates have their loans due to genourous parents paying the £80 a week rent, I can’t really afford to be anyway. I’ve even found myself now budgeting the amount of orange cordial I use to make the bottle last longer, although this is mostly to avoid the half hour walk back from morrisons with heavy shopping every week. With a diet now mostly filled with bread and pasta varieties (the lightest items to carry home) I’m sure to be piling on the pounds that come with a carbohydrate heavy diet too, but then again the walk from morrisons should sort that out.

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