The Good and the Bad of a Weekend

Last Thursday saw the start to one of the best weekend’s I’ve had in Leeds, well the only weekend I’ve had in Leeds really since i’m usually at home. But this time my gorgeous lovely guy of a boyfriend came to see me.
I finally got to do all the coupley things there is to do in Leeds rather than going out with a group of people I hardly know to places I don’t like. From going for an AMAZING meal at wagamama onto Fab, my favourite bar I’ve been telling Dave (the gorgeous lovely guy) about since last year. Anyone from Hull can kind of appreciate what I mean if I describe it as a colourful Spiders with more atmosphere, to spending a freezing afternoon walking around town finishing off in a toasty coffee shop.
Just the general not having to worry about how much time I have left until the last train leaves to Leeds on Sunday night was great, until Dave had to leave here anyway then it turned out to be just as hard letting him go than it is leaving him.
Back to another week of working myself stupid to make the week pass quicker and the weekend come sooner…

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