Uni phase, part 2

After completing my first assignment of a group presentation, working with the most difficult people on the course possible, and celebrating with large quantities of wine in Varsity at 5pm, today was a new start. Finally the stress of the last 8 weeks was over, and I’m now looking at the next 6.
Weeks leading up to January are going to see another 5 assignments, exams and presentations, none of which I can believe will be as painful as the last.
So today, after a well deserved lie in and quick clean up of the flat, for the notorious ‘flat inspections’, ”of course you’ll be treated as adults at uni”, the planning of phase 2 began.
A disappointing find occured when I discovered most of the recommended readings were at the Headingley campus library, so settled for a particularly battered looking textbook on theory until tomorrow.
Yesterday also came with a shock of realising people are already at the stage of planning their living next year, it is still November right? As in 2 months since I first got here? Panic of realising I’d have to decide between commuting but getting to see the boyf every day and finding flatmates but getting to stay in Leeds set in. So as always there’s another thing to add to the ever growing ‘to do list’. Best get on with #1: Sort out my January placement.

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