October, November, January

The last two weeks have possibly been the quickest of the year so far. I take a second to blink and all of a sudden there’s Christmas lights up and exams around the corner. No prizes for guessing which is the one everyone’s focussed on.
All past thoughts of wondering why students deserve such long holidays are gone, if we didn’t get these magical weeks off I can safely say there would be no passing of sememster one.
So overnight 6 weeks off has gone to 3, including the one before Christmas, so I now get to arrive home to ‘relax’ on the 21st December, meaning there’s no avoiding the joining of the mass of unorganised shoppers, cramming in every present buying, wrapping and delivering in the short dark days before the stockings are hung out.
And after the few days at home I’ll be away again before the Quality Street tin sees it’s shiny floor, but to a different place this time.
Instead of taking the sensible option of returning to Leeds in the week leading to exams, I of course had to land my placement in the busiest city in the country, London. I say that like it’s a bad thing, the truth is I was offered a place in Leeds but in a moment of seizing every opportunity I thought I’d be mad to turn down a fortnight in the capital, not only of the country, but of UK PR too. (And I should add, I cannot wait!).
Being given the chance to write real news releases, work on real client projects, and begin to establish myself in the world of PR is not going to be a time to dismiss, even if there are still 5 more assignments lined up in increasingly close hand in date order.
So this years Christmas may feel a little like an awkwardly timed, unwanted relative visit, especially with the pressure of 3 family visits to fit in somewhere, which of course are all expected on the day itself, making things twice as fun, but there’s always boxing day, or better, next year!

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