PM’s, Police and PEST analysis’

A normal post-Christmas week would involve a lovely amount of sleep, catching up with friends and a general feeling of relaxation. Instead I found myself sat up straight at my desk again the moment ‘the festive feeling’ was gone, which by the way, was far too quickly.

After a few festive days at home spent last minute shopping, wrapping presents and spotting the former Deputy PM John Prescott being pulled over by police late at night after going through a speed camera, the routine of sleeping, eating and drinking, with little else in between soon set in.

The extra weight gained from successfully fitting in two Christmas dinners within an eight hour period undoubtedly moved from my stomach to my shoulders during the hours between Christmas and Boxing Day. Unfortunately this was only metaphorical, and the extra weight still sat firmly attached to my stomach too. With the realisation of my work pattern and revision timetable having flown out of the window along with the warmth of the house (after discovering we’d ran out of gas, typically on a day that nowhere is open to buy any more), there was an unmistakable feeling of lack of work around area of hardly-touched-textbooks.

As nice as it is to be home, I now have the additional challenge of being able to get any work done, while my laptop screen competes with the constant ‘pinging’, ‘wooshing’ and ‘zapping’, coming from Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, for my attention. At the minute the second is winning. Next Christmas I think someone may find a cordless set of earphones instead of a game in their stocking.





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