New Year, Another New City

24 days into the new year and I’ve finally found the chance to write for the first time, now exams are over.

After having the worst new year’s eve of my life, involving a gruelling five hour long argument with the boyfriend, I am ready to start a new year with a new perspective.

Once the proven hectic relationship status resolved itself I found myself with no time left before sending myself to the other end of the country for my eagerly anticipated work placement.

Little be known to me, it turned out that the shock of realising I was alone in London for two weeks actually became the scariest experience I’d encountered.

Moving away to uni was one thing, but imagine doing that without the manic social schedule that gains you your friends immediately.

So to put my new found independence to the test I decided to throw myself into every opportunity I could find.

From touring the West End to taking a dance lesson at Pineapple studios (which consequently brought back my 14 year old self’s professional ballet dancer ambition again), I found myself slowly adjusting to London life.

When it comes to the reason I was in London however, things weren’t as positive.

From gathering at uni that a busy London PR office would be writing press releases left, right and centre, to discover the reality that some departments write no more than five a year, was slightly disappointing to say the least.

Having the chance to demonstrate my best PR skill and gain a portfolio piece thrown out the window, I found myself fighting for a spare desk most days, only to spend the time sat at it data entering, or even better, adding friends on MySpace for a client’s page. Obviously worth the hundreds of pounds I spent on travel.


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