Goodbye London, Goodbye Heath Ledger


 My strange time as a London PR is over, and between data entering, hearing of Heath Ledger’s death (it took me a few hours to accept that BBC News 24 can’t be making it up) and adrenaline filled bus journeys through the South East town of Brixton, I was looking forward to being home. Unfortunately, the getting home part of being home proved more difficult than I thought.


Kings Cross had suffered a major signal failure, with no trains coming in or out of the station for three hours. After the tiresome delay, the first train to finally arrive into the station had thousands of people running towards it as though they’d never seen a train before. As it was the only train running for a potential more three hours, it was stopping at every station known to mankind, with Hull being the last. So once my journey spent sat on the floor outside of the train’s toilet was over, I was glad to be home to say the least.


Coming home this weekend will hopefully be the last, as from next week I have decided to commute to uni, despite the 5.30am starts it entails. Above all, I love living in Leeds, but the £80 a week rent plus my own at home just isn’t worth it. From now on it’s goodbye post 10pm TV and hello child bed times, which is fine since I’ve downloaded 4od to watch Shameless and Skins on the train, (that is as long as I’m not sat with anyone too easily offended).


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