Heat exclusive: Gordon Brown?

Speaking of Facebook yesterday, an opinion in a local newspaper expressed the thought that Gordon Brown should get the layout changed back to it’s original state in a bid to attract younger voters, not the stupidest idea Labour would have followed up if they did. Surrounding this has been a less than subtle media change in attitude toward politics.
This week’s Media Guardian contained an article describing the type of coverage politics now achieves. With last week’s issue describing a ‘higher culture’ being seen in the UK, with declining sales of celeb-filled, ‘pop culture’ magazines such as Heat and OK!, correlating with an increase in cultural and political publications such as the Economist, the media is recognising change.
So with less interest in drunken celebs and more in what exactly Gordon Brown is capable of at such a crucial time, the media has seen a niche for a combination of both, the result? A daily update on the whereabouts of the Prime Minister, including more detail on how his wife created a PR stunt by acting as his introduction on stage at last week’s conference, rather than the content of the speech itself.
Next we’ll see David Cameron signing a series of book deals before the Conservative craze dies down.

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