Placements or not, here we come

Since the start of this year’s new term I have heard nothing much besides placements and portfolios, not much surprise there. I only have a worry that the university placements team may be acting slightly unrealisticly optimistic.
This morning’s news announced the country is now officially in a state of recession, and can expect 350,000 job losses. As I have heard so many times already, PR and marketing are at the top of the list concerning a companies outgoings to cut down significantly, and are expected to be hit hardest by reduncancy, etc.
So with this in mind, what are the realistic chances on every student this year gaining a paid placement for level 3? On one hand companies may benefit from hiring student interns to keep salary costs down, but what about if companies (like many) just aren’t hiring at all?
A proffessional friend of mine has already felt the effects of the unstable economy after losing her architect job and feeling she has little option but to search (successfully) for employment in warmer climates where employment rates aren’t so grim, in Australia. Could this be an idea worth taking up amongst students to avoid the UK economy? We’ll soon find out, warmer shores here we come.

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