BA Hons in what? Says David Cameron

Getting to know the Leeds area better was an aim I’d set this time last year, now I feel I’m actually getting round to it.


The past few weeks have seen many adventurous journeys to unknown-to-me areas for many different reasons, however, last night’s must be the most interesting by far.


After receiving a very last-minute email from Leeds CF on Thursday telling me about a Q&A session with Conservative leader David Cameron himself, I felt it was an opportunity not to be missed.


In a PR seminar a week or two ago we were told of a Conservative party member making the announcement that he wished to cut back spending on advertising and PR to make financial room for ‘more important things’. This seemed so ridiculous even the seminar tutor put this down to a daft comment the party would have no choice but to retract, after all how have the Tories risen to where they are today without good PR? But no, to my horror it wasn’t retracted at all but in fact reinforced by David Cameron at the Q&A evening.


This immediately brought on frantic scribbling as I hurriedly changed my question from job prospects for students in upcoming placement years to how the public sector’s reputation would survive without PR, the biggest sector for UK PR, not to mention thousands of people’s careers which would only add to the 1.7 million job losses the country has already encountered. So much for doing whatever possible to halt the ever-climbing redundancies eh Mr Cameron?


Unfortunately, due to Labour-supporting time wasters posing questions purely to test the leader’s patience and ability to answer unexpected questions I didn’t get chance to put forward my question. However, everyone was assured their questions would be answered via the Conservative Direct website and email in the near future.


So until then I hope the possible future Prime Minister is thinking up a damn good reason why my degree will possibly be of little value in a Conservative-run country.


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