Keep social media close, and contacts closer

The world we live in is a fast-paced and technological one, with no time for people to keep up if not as advanced in social media as others.


This environment has resulted in everything else being forced to travel at the speed of light (the latest, fibre-optic, digital, super-light, that is) in order to stay on the same track as the media and technological world. This unfortunately mostly involves people; the non-technological, mechanical things that operate everything else but struggle to keep up.


When recently filling out an application form I was asked to supply details of two references. No problem, or so I thought, referring to my CV for the details. However, I then noticed the line stating I must have known these people for two years. As a student who’s never properly worked in an industry, two years ago is actually a different age. I was working part time with people I haven’t spoken to since and was trying to decide on a career path.


As my references are both people who know me for what I’m doing currently, I feel these are the best to supply me with a professional reference, yet I’m forced to use distant contacts who probably can’t remember how they met me.


The same goes for a contact I was trying to gain recently, when approaching the person for information I was simply informed that it was two years ago the individual worked for the company and since then everyone has moved on anyway.


Think back to any of the past few years and the people you knew and see if you feel someone from then would still feel they really know you now. We’ve never had more communication options, yet putting them into practise for everyone and knowing the importance of this has, I feel, yet to come.


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