Note from Editor: sorry for the poor English

This entry may sound a little big-headed, but in a placement lecture I recently attended we were told of the competition we will face from students from other courses when applying for jobs in the PR industry, particularly English students as they are more specifically trained in the main sought after skill, writing. Or are they?


When talking to a friend who finished their degree two years ago, they said they can’t believe how much extra-curricular work students are taking on now, in the form of blogs, work placements, voluntary writing jobs and more. I explained that they had been fortunate enough to finish their degree and go into a stable working economy, whereas students now must do more to prove themselves better than others when applying for now rather scarce jobs.


My own extra work is currently revolved around writing and it seems this may already have given me an edge over students from other courses. (I have, while writing this just gained a job interview)


I was a little confused at why an article I recently wrote didn’t matter whether its format was news or feature orientated as it appeared on a news page. Going on to read other articles it became apparent none were written as news, or followed the basic structure of a news release. To be fair it’s not easy to be new and current in a fortnightly publication but surely that’s not an excuse for regular, primary mistakes like simple grammar, spelling or even completely missing words out of sentences?


This contributed to the main reason I asked to write the article to start with; after reading a feature in the last issue that could have been mistaken for a school-age piece of work, I wanted to improve the quality of writing. Unfortunately my own piece wasn’t left untouched as I read my rearranged article and saw my (pretty good in my opinion) ending line slapped in the middle instead. Now with a less than average last line my feature starts as an interesting piece and ends on an anti-climax.


At least I achieved some reassurance I chose the right degree for a writing career.


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