Polls Closing: 00:00:01

The world’s media has not failed to deliver a phenomenon surrounding the US Presidential elections; ensuring audiences never before interested even in politics are, for the first time following the journey like an addicted Big Brother viewer.


People such as Ricky Gervais are featuring in interviews live from America expressing their interest while admitting never before following politics, especially ones from abroad.


The BBC reported today that in the state of Chicago a 106 year old woman has voted for the very first time (for Barack Obama), saying how the energy he has brought to the elections gave her the inspiration to vote.


I, like everyone else have been following the media reports, particularly in the last few weeks. However when reading Tuesday morning’s news stating the voting results would not be fully collected until 5am, UK time, I didn’t think I’d actually be staying up to watch it. However, it’s almost 1am now and the electoral vote counter in the corner of the screen may as well have ‘do not switch off’ stamped across it. It seems I’m not going to get to sleep too early tonight.


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