Yes we can

I was amazed to hear in Obama’s victory speech this morning that his campaign had benefited from donations as small as $5 and people working from their living rooms in the early days. It’s the type of thing you imagine an enterprising student practising a business idea to do, not the next American President.


It goes to show the power of small contributions when put together and the importance of including them as well as the large donations that have helped pay for the extensive advertising and PR campaigns that may well be the best campaign in election history, according to Obama.


Of course there wasn’t a real surprise in his victory, but the sophistication and congratulations from McCain in the aftermath surprised even his supporters, whom he had to several times try and calm when they showed their disappointment at his offering of kind words toward his opponent. Perhaps if he has shown this type of communication throughout his campaign, instead of criticising Obama’s tactics he would have stood a better chance. As a BBC reporter stated, these accusing reactions McCain showed throughout his campaign is always the sign of the losing party.


The skill that Obama has of delivering the most outstanding and efficient speeches has no doubt hugely contributed to where he is now, and the 250,000 people at Grant Park in Chicago last night who witnessed his best yet during his victory speech didn’t fail to show their appreciation of this. If I’d have had the opportunity to be there I would have been, but apparently even staying awake was too much of a challenge as annoyingly fell asleep right before the crucial points that sent Obama to victory came in.


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