Access All Areas

Press passes and back stage access is something I could definitely get used to.


Last night American band, Rancid, played at Leeds Academy, supported by The Talks.


The Talks’ lead singer, Pat, happens to be a friend of a friend, so the mention of a band interview and review didn’t seem an opportunity to turn down.


When a night at a gig starts with backdoor entry and a label sporting the words: ‘Access all areas’, you know it’s not going to be a bad night.


At first the passes were slightly mixed up with photographer passes, but seeing as it was another opportunity not to be missed I headed to the front of the stage, (on the other side of the barrier for once!) and stood watching the band from the press area, unable to physically get any closer.


Having never reviewed a gig there and then before, I didn’t exactly plan everything ahead, like the fact that I thought I’d be able to write notes during the performance. This became apparent it would be a slight problem in a black room with the only light focussed on the stage.


Post gig, the band met us at the back of the stage where security waved us and our badges through to the dressing room area (I’m extremely glad I kept the line, ‘I’m with the band’, in my head though).


The dressing room was exactly like they’re represented: a table with no visible surface for beer bottles and left over free food, and a very chilled out band discussing how the night went, while laid out on the leather sofa.


An attempted interview quickly turned into a relaxed chat and some comical suggestions towards Pat’s dress sense, linking him to Krusty the Clown.


The best thing to come out of the night though had to be the proposal of more work with the band in the future. They talked about how they had previously paid for PR work with a consultancy and had been disappointed to find their small wages weren’t producing many results as a low-priority client. So effectively, I could say I have gained my first client! Best get back to deciphering my barely-legible notes, note to self: take a torch next time.



My very first press passes, aww.


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