Yet another technological mystery…

When I started my blog about a year ago, I used it more like a personal diary without much thought as to who would read it.


Since starting my second year at university however, I have aimed to create a more professional image for myself and have now shifted the content of my blog to mostly be about public relations.


This, so far is working in my favour: My daily views have increased by roughly 6 xs and the majority of the readers I attract are connected to the PR industry in one way or another.


Of course this also means I have to be more considerate with the content, (which in my opinion defeats the object of a personal blog, as people should be able to use them to write whatever they like) for fear of potential employers viewing it.


The main thing I am confused by (unsurprisingly) is another IT matter. As my reader audience has changed I realised I have no idea how. I have done nothing to promote my blog to others, as viewing figures are not the reason for writing my blog, yet I want to know how it is the type of people who read my blog are the ones that do. Do PR companies spend time searching blogs randomly in the hope of finding new and interesting content? Or is there some sort of magical alert system that tells people in the industry when something new concerning PR has been published?


Anyone who feels like enlightening me, please feel free to send an email or leave a comment.


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