Decisions, Decisions

As this week has already come with the news of another two tutors leaving my course, mostly for reasons linked to moving to a new area of work, this being location or type, I find it’s impossible not to let it question where you are yourself, and what you’re doing.


As someone who took a year out of education to decide which career path to take, I still find it difficult to stay focussed on the idea that PR is the industry for me, even though the recent CIPR careers day gave an interesting account of various aspects of the industry. I often have people comment on how much more dedicated I appear to writing and if this is something I should consider in terms of a career instead. But with so many journalists describing their transitions to a PR career, it leaves me wondering if it’s seen as a little backwards to go the other way.


Leeds Met has this year seen the new BA Journalism course introduced, which initially left me thinking I should have perhaps begun my degree this year instead. The career prospects are more promising and rewarding for PR, in my opinion, but this takes me back to an earlier blog entry about people training in the wrong industry for them for a safe career.


As a main centre for PR, how long will it be before Leeds Met catches on to the closely-linked industries and combines the two courses, like others already have?


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