Diana who?

News of last night’s British Comedy Awards gaining only 19%
of audience shares in comparison to other programmes wasn’t that surprising,
but though this is unsurprising it doesn’t mean it isn’t worrying. Why? Because
the TV shows gaining the high viewer figures are those including X Factor and I’m
A Celebrity, to name a couple.

The comedy awards aren’t the most anticipated feature on
television, but surely they are more reputable than celebrity reality shows? So
why do people feel the need and ‘addiction’ to watch them daily as though they
are a required part of our ability to function?

Logging into my Facebook account on Saturday I was confused
by almost everyone’s status’ displaying something about someone called Diana. My
first thought was that of Princess Diana (I realise many people will be
laughing at this, but you are the type that this entry is aimed at), before
realising the things people were saying didn’t make sense if this is who they
were talking about.

Doing some research into who the mystery girl was, I found
out she was a contestant on the X Factor, apparently one which people ‘could
not believe was voted out’. I believe these type of shows operate by voting
someone out each week, so surely people aren’t genuinely surprised when this
happens? Or would they prefer them to keep everyone in, ever, so the show just
went on and on, nobody won anything or got the chance to scandalously sleep
with people they shouldn’t and appear drunk at 6am in the tabloids, a bit like
the everlasting High School Musical with the rate at which they’re producing

All that seems to come of any of these shows is the media
have something to talk about every day, however irrelevant to every day life it
may be, and the public get swept up into yet another marketing stunt to make
money from a 17 year old who may be able to deliver a tune now and again.

I’m just hoping the phenomenon that is reality TV will die
out eventually and disappear as quickly as the next Diana, whoever she is.


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