Once you start, you just keep going…

A phrase commonly heard to describe writing a recent essay
for a module at uni, and how it just seemed to flow once you’d got past the
introduction. I even managed to stay in the word count for once!

Today though, I realised I can also apply the phrase to my
whole life. From beginning level two at uni this September and having lectures
three days a week, I quickly seemed to gain a part time job, boyfriend and two
placements. The result? Too many things to fit into 7 very short days a week,
but somehow I’ve just about done it. (Until this week anyway when I realised my
first free day to go Christmas shopping would be the 23rd December)

For someone with this many things to fit in each week,
getting a vicious cold was out of the question on my timetable, unfortunately
this wasn’t an option apparently, so I was forced to take a day out.

On one hand I thought having a day at home might help me get
some uni work done, instead I fell back to sleep until lunch time and woke up
with a too-much-sleep headache and half the day gone.

Last year this type of day would have been a weekly occurrence,
but it seems an article I read recently on ‘good stress’ seems to have had a
point, that some levels of stress actually forces you to work harder with
better results.

A day that could have been spent on work today was mostly
spent in bed and on Facebook, leaving me feeling I’d completely wasted the free
time my cold had made for me. Had I been at work though, I’d have been thinking
about the work I could have done during the day, and been more inclined to do
it later on, showing me just how my timetable works in my favour, with my uni
results so far supporting this.

I think this is why I always find myself saying at job
interviews that I love a busy environment; being bored doesn’t work for me. The
phrase ‘if you want something done quickly, ask a busy person’ sums this up for
me. Next time you think ‘I’ve got so much to do’, think of it as a good thing:
you wouldn’t make the effort to get the things you have to do done if there was
nothing else forcing you to do it.


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