The REAL colour debate

After briefly considering dying my hair the other day, I was
reassured it isn’t just blondes that come out with stupid things by Gordon
Brown, who after featuring on the news to report on the economical crisis, made
a comment along these lines: ‘The UK’s fighting spirit will get us through
these rough financial times’. Of course, nothing to do with our spending habits
or anything will have to contribute at all, will they?

Combining this with my recently-turned brunette friend’s
feedback on how differently people treat her now she’s shed her Barbie-locks,
it emphasised the blonde stereotype as very much still alive. The fact that the
pair of us more than frequently come out with statements beyond belief
sometimes can’t really be disregarded: ‘do ALL animals come from Africa?’ and ‘a penguin’s a fish, right?’ (hers, not
mine) and ‘does that mean David Beckham’s been playing football for 100 years?’
(mine, not hers). But aside from this, she’s one of the most intelligent people
I know, just perhaps lacks a little common sense now and again. I am talking
about someone who’s studying a human biology degree and is doing extremely well
in it.

So even though the stereotype of a PR student may be a
blonde girl that likes all things pink, it doesn’t mean we only think with our
lipglosses. Even though many PR students fitting into this stereotype are in
the industry for the wrong reasons, the ones who know what they’re studying
prove it by still being part of their course in their second semester, and doing
pretty damn well in it too.


2 thoughts on “The REAL colour debate”

  1. It\’s just too confusing: people who were blonde become brunette; people with curly hair reappear with straight locks. How\’s a slightly short-sighted middle aged lecturer to cope with all this change?

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