There’s something missing from this storyline…an iPod shuffle

After spending the last week doing more reading than I should
and less revising than I should (because of doing more reading), and having a
lot less sleep than I should, (unfortunately not due to lots of socialising and
more due to encountering an illness which refuses to let me sleep), I can at
least say I’ve read a good book. I’ll leave the details of which out of this
entry due to my one criticism which is obvious product placement.

I’m not against product placement in general; in fact I think
it’s a pretty good idea that enables under-funded writers opportunities to
publish their work they once didn’t have. I am however against obvious and
heavy product placement, which this book suffered from greatly.

The problem is, as a PR student who also studied
Communication at A-Level, I can’t decide if it is in fact obvious, or just
obvious to people like me.

Beginning my comms studies enabled me to see advertising in
a whole new light, understanding the planning and connotations behind it that
the everyday audience is not usually intended to and that I once didn’t. Since
then however, I’ve been able to analyse hidden meanings and have completely
lost the ability to purely see adverts as adverts, which I enjoy to most
extents (let’s face it, it isn’t the biggest loss to be unable to see
adverts normally), but it is annoying when it gets in the way of a good storyline.


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