Resolutions rethought

It’s mid
January, the time for resolutions to be broken and the actual diet to start
rather than the ‘it’s-the-last-day-before-the-diet-so-I-can-eat-chocolate-today’

this, I’m actually doing quite well with my resolution to learn something new
everyday. The thing that has surprised me (though perhaps it shouldn’t have
done) is the variety of knowledge I’ve learnt so far and where it’s come from.

When I
began, I imagined an over-use of Wikipedia and a lot of interesting yet useless
facts building up, but the result is one of learning not to fall into the new
media trap. Everywhere you look, particularly in PR, people are talking about
new and social media. It’s changing the way we do just about everything, but is
also eliminating the traditional resources we shouldn’t forget about. New media
has a certain connotation of tying itself in with pop-culture, which is why we should
be careful about its uses.

like degrees are already widely available online with little or no physical
attendance to a university: a result of new media. However, my opinion leads me
to believe that although new media provides us with endless new opportunities,
if not used in the right context then they could be shunned worthless. Realistically
anyone could do some internet research on a topic and state themselves as an
expert but perhaps the importance of traditional methods of research should be

instance, I recently observed that a university assignment from the course I am
on was filled with references of websites outnumbering books. When I look at
friend’s assignments from just a couple of years ago, I find the balance to be
the other way around.

The (not
always interesting or useful) facts I’ve come across so far have been found in
places as varied as when the internet was new, and people still relied on
sources such as newspapers, books and journals for information.

I can’t stand the thought of reading a long novel from the screen of an iPod,
but others younger than myself will grow up to think this is the norm and will
be educated this way.

new media’s biggest advantage is the ability to condense information into small
packages, so how long will it be before libraries are downloading books to read
via computer screens to eliminate the use of space and getting rid of books
entirely, just like the authors now considering whether to have their work printed
or published as e-books?


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