At last, it’s official (first posted 23/01/09)

The BBC announced a
few minutes ago the official state of recession being present in the
UK: It’s not shocking, it’s not unexpected and it’s not unwelcome in my

By that I don’t mean a recession is anything to be hoped
for in any circumstance, but when the last 6 months’ worth of media
coverage has been fuelled by talk of little else but the inevitable,
it’s almost something to be thankful for that it’s finally official in
media terms.

From the beginning of my degree I was taught how
news should be two things: New and exciting. The arrival of the
recession is neither and the way it has dominated the media has left
people bored of the subject and feeling the need for something else to
follow. (Although Barack Obama provided this, even his inauguration
speech told us all it dominated the euphoria of the event on a day
which should have otherwise been about celebration.)

than ‘a recession is coming’, the media can hopefully take the point of
view of ‘it’s here so let’s deal with it’, something which could prove
much more helpful to those that have been forced to worry about the
situation for the last 6 months.


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