One man who will stick to his promises (first posted 20/01/09)

inauguration of Barack Obama today goes beyond marking the start of a
new era in terms of race and the equality of people of all colours, but
also to young generations positively affected by the election of such a
youthful president.

made a point of directing his campaign at gaining young voters and
succeeded beyond belief. He knew the importance and effect of social
media, as someone who reportedly has 1.5 million Facebook friends he
hasn’t gone far wrong.

of the largest elements of the role he steps into today is the
speculation of his ability to deliver his promises. Bidding to change
the world for the better is an aim hard to live up to, but it seems he
put at least one of his bids into action much earlier than now.

guardian has reported how Obama’s ‘mind reader’, the individual
responsible for the words of some of the most powerful speeches since
Martin Luther King is just 27 years old. Jon Favreau sounds more like a
student, conjuring up Obama’s speeches at 3am most nights using a mix
of Red Bull, espressos and Nintendo Wii games, but the fact that the
most powerful man in the world employs him says something not only
about his ability, but the faith Obama actually does have in getting
young people involved in politics, and not just as a campaign tactic.

think this sets an example of what’s to come in regard to living up to
his promises and if it’s anything to go by states Obama is far from
someone who made daring ambitions simply to gain votes and presidency.


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