How the hell did people communicate 20 years ago, really?

Do we rely too much on technology? Do we assume something so
relatively new is reliable enough to create jobs and careers without much of a
back up? 

Recently at my work placement the internet and email went
down across the office, so I assumed people would be getting on with
non-internet related work. It turned out there wasn’t any. The office rapidly became
a gathering point of people with nothing to do but make more coffee and eat
more Quality Street
(handily one of the company’s clients).

I’m not sure if I was right to be shocked or not, surely not
everything was internet-based? What did they do for 8 hours a day before the
likes of Google?

Then today, (well I say today, the problem has actually been
ongoing for over a year) my phone breaks. Again. So I take it back asking for a
new one seen as repairing it only seems to results in more problems being
created and memory cards being stolen, but no. The company, (Carphone Warehouse
by the way, why shouldn’t I name and shame? And also, Nokia phones are severely
unadvisable: I’m not the only one who’s had a LOT of problems) ‘has to analyse
what’s wrong with it first’. What’s wrong with it is that two cups on a piece
of string might prove more useful. But anyway, it’s sent off yet again and in
the mean time I have a replacement phone from the 90’s which A: Isn’t charged
so I can’t contact the friend I’m supposed to be meeting that afternoon, and B:
When it is charged it won’t send or receive calls or messages, amazingly
useful. Pissed off? Yes.


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