25 Things About Laura Smith

As you can see from No.4 I love blogging, but do think it suffers from being very impersonal. After this less annoying than I thought chain note on Facebook I decided it’s actually a pretty good idea for getting to know people you follow online but know little about or have never met:

1. I think chain mail is utter crap, but I have time to kill and this
one doesn’t offer death threats or ultimate love experiences.

2. I cannot think under pressure (hence this fact).

3. I’m embarrassed I class this as pressure, oops.

4. I love blogging (google laurainleeds at spaces).

5. I really really really want to live and work in New York temporarily.

6. I find it strange that strawberries don’t taste of anything strawberry flavour or vice versa.

7. I spent £60 in petrol in 3 days last week.

8. I admire people with beautiful hair.

9. I think my cat, Clio is stunning.

10. The bean skin story has caused my longest laughing fit I can think of (men, don’t ask, girls, cross your legs).

11. I can’t decide between Blackberrys and iPhones.

12. I once got sunstroke on a cold day in Wales, really.

13. I will never forget Corfu times.

14. I can’t believe that before you get to uni everyone tells you it’s
the best years of your life, then you’re severely disappointed.

15. Toffe apple cider is delish.

16. Flavoured vodka doesn’t mean it isn’t still strong.

17. I really wish I’d started ballet younger.

18. I wish I hadn’t bought such a heavy laptop.

19. I want to read the autobiography of every US President.

20. I want a library with a bookcase with ladders that slide along it.

21. I’d like to retire on a vegetarian farm with as many different animals as I can look after, but definitely chickens.

22. I have over 30 cousins across three continents.

23. I’d love to write a column people buy a publication for especially.

24. I like cinema, but dislike DVDs.

25. I want to graduate with a 1:1 but I don’t know what in yet.


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