It’s finally happened…

Many people have been made redundant, others lost their houses, but as a full time student, renting rather than buying, learning rather than earning and generally being in the best place at the minute (until I graduate), the worst part of the recession for me came today with the news that print media is officially in decline.

The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News will reduce their printed media to just three days a week, focussing on digital media instead. Am I going to get left behind in the dusty storeroom with the typewriters and other people who appreciate sinking into a sofa at Starbucks with a real newspaper?

Digital media is moving everything faster and further forward, and online news not only makes sense but can be highly convenient too. But until the worst of the recession is over and I’m earning a full time salary, the ability to check the news on the morning commute without fearing I’ll go over the free minutes on my phone will stop me fully appreciating the benefits of e-news.

Until then, and because I can appreciate that some things should sometimes be kept traditional, I look forward to still making the trip in the snow to the station’s newsagent, or are they going to start selling phones and computers?


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