“We are sorry to announce…the country is unable to handle a bit of snow”

The world has seen thousands of inventions over thousands of
years, most pointless or a little peculiar, so I can be forgiven for thinking
there should be one amongst them to clear railway tracks of snow.

The government must spend thousands of pounds on road gritters
and highway maintenance in bad weather, so why not on the tracks too? It sure
would have saved the rail companies the many refunds they’ve given out today

I think I can also be forgiven for thinking four ½ hours
would be enough time to travel 70 miles, but apparently not. Sitting on one of
the first trains of the day I was thinking about how I’d be able to catch up on
a few things at uni, being there an hour or so early, before realising the
train had stopped. For the third time. Half way there I’m too late to even
attempt attending the midday lecture so give up at the next stop and wait for
(another) delayed train back home.

I can’t complain about the weather, why should I when I live
in a country famous for it? But that’s the point. Everyone in Britain knows
to expect snow, rain, sleet and all the cold that comes with it, so why aren’t
we prepared for it? Each time it happens it features on the news like something
that’s never happened before and the country goes into a panic. Why not just
accept we’ll never have good weather and get ready for it, perhaps by making
trains out of something that doesn’t freeze and cease all use as soon as it
drops below 5c?


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