Say goodbye to manufactured music for this woman

It has become apparent there is a new
celebrity to add to the list of the few individuals who really know how to re-brand
themselves well.

In my opinion, Lily Allen has done three
things lately to show she’s not part of the manufactured pop world:

Found herself a US rival in Katy Perry, the competition and
rivalry for the title of Queen of Pop in the UK
and the US
is one that’s keeping the press eager to witness.

Rebel against her own record
company: The ‘accidental’ leak of Lily’s version of Britney Spears’ Womanizer onto YouTube became a clever
way of gaining fans of her new genre and displaying her new musical style before
her own single release, apparently resulting in some angry managers.

Releasing The Fear. A song which was extremely hit or miss as far as radio
play goes. A song with a genre which so far proves a little difficult to
describe could have just as easily not been accepted as suitable for many radio
station’s style yet went in the complete opposite direction. Who else can you
name that has had their song frequently played on both Galaxy and BBC Radio 2?


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