New everything, coming soon…

In one of my earlier blogs I talked about the different
blogs I’d tried out and one I would hopefully get to try. This isn’t referring
to another blogging site but a different blog context.

I’ve gone from casual personal blogging, to PR and academic
blogging, relaxed back into slight personal blogging lately and now shortly it’ll
be time for yet another take on things.

Though I haven’t yet broadcast it, some people do know
some changes I’ve made to my life lately – different plans and targets, new
ambitions and sometimes just simply time for a change of direction, perhaps literally.

This week I’ve really (and earlier than expected) began
putting a few plans into action and it now seems as I reached the point where
it was too late to change my mind, my plans went ahead and made themselves for
me as though to tell me definitely not to consider backing out.

Some of the things I’ve changed lately (or will be changing)
aren’t the most sensible in the current economic climate, I must admit, but
sometimes your own climate is one to put before that of the rest of the world’s
and if you carry on for the sake of it, it could take a lot longer to undo
later on than the recession.  

Unfortunately unlike some things I’ve been happy to display
FOF (first on Facebook), this is something that has been in the pipeline for a
little too long to break over a simple status that some people would unfairly
see before others. I also realise I’m making it out to be something that could
now gain the reaction ‘is that it?’ from some, but sod those people, I’m
excited and I can’t wait to tell so that I can then do so on here and begin a
new blog!


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