Save money in a recession? No thanks.

It’s a recession. Companies are looking at the best ways to
save money. I need to earn some money and build my experience. You’d think the
three go hand in hand, but apparently not.

Students, graduates and young people wanting to gain
experience are company’s cheapest recruitment option at the moment, so why won’t
they take the opportunity to save their business some much needed cash?

In the past couple of weeks I’ve contacted various companies
in a few different sectors to ask for work, and if there isn’t any available,
offer my free time to work for nothing. If someone isn’t recruiting, fair
enough, but to turn down free labour?

My own schedule has calmed down now considerably and the
need for something to do is becoming apparent even to others. I realised this
when even answering the door to my boyfriend offered such enthusiasm his first
words weren’t of ‘hello’, but rather ‘you need a job’.

At the moment I’m still semi-busy, but the minute I begin
blogging multiple times a day, people notice I’m not actually ever logged out
of Facebook, or worse still, I turn to daytime television, I think I may have
to go from politely asking companies for opportunities to demanding to take a
work load from them. Or I could just turn to book reviewing.


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