Digital media: interactive or illiterate?

As I Twittered yesterday, the lack of current opportunities
has resulted in me taking a completely different route to what I imagined this
week, Primary school teaching.

I have just spent the morning in my old primary school,
assisting a year 3 class. It wasn’t the first time I’ve done teaching work, but
it was the first time since so much technology and interactive media was
available to schools.

I’m still not sure how I feel about it, some children with
learning difficulties were showing me how they were using computer games to
solve maths equations on a screen with numbers camouflaged in colour so the
maths didn’t even seem apparent, yet doing the same task on paper proved
impossible for them.

The same thing was apparent during an English-history
lesson, all eyes were to the front of the class while learning about Florence
Nightingale interactively, but once asked to carry out the same exercise on paper,
it seemed as if the information they had just so keenly learnt evaporated.  

Making the transition from one learning method to another is
obviously an issue, or is it just a case of how things have changed? The
children may have struggled with the methods I was taught at school, but then
again I struggled to grasp their preferred methods as quickly as they did.

I’m sure they’ll get through school fine as long as
technology continues developing its uses in education, or will it have the
opposite effect and get to the stage where even simple interaction must be
carried out through a computer?


2 thoughts on “Digital media: interactive or illiterate?”

  1. Old is definitely something I felt! And I don\’t think that\’s very fair at 20. How do you keep up with everything?

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