Relax with a mocha and a computer?

More and more articles, blogs and online thoughts on the
decrease of printed news are filling my computer screen, but the ones I have
read are all running on the same theme: don’t let print die out.

Many people seem to want the same thing, appreciate the need
for things to change with time, the need for the availability of online news
but just generally enjoy the act of relaxing with a cup of coffee (white mochas
in Starbucks can’t be beaten, especially in the upstairs lounge of the Briggate
branch in Leeds, where shoppers don’t seem to go ) and reading the news, paper

It’s by no means efficient compared to new ways of keeping
up to date, but the news can be an enjoyable thing to keep up with, a way of
taking our minds off the work we have, which works best when reading from a
different medium than the computer screen where the rest of our work is going

The matter of printed news isn’t the fact it’s much less
needed now, but more wanted for enjoyment, which of course isn’t great for
those hoping to make a profit from it.

This reminds me of a point I was discussing earlier after
seeing a TV ad for the Daily Star, selling for 20p: how does that make a
profit? Advertising fees, salaries of the entire workforce (ok, so here it
could be cut down by being run by one 15 year old boy while maintaining the
same content standards), but otherwise, unless most of the staff are
volunteering, how has the paper not died out yet?

Here’s hoping it could be one of the first to go, we may as
well save the ones worth it, even if expensive, they wouldn’t be enjoyable
otherwise would they? I’ll debate that in the morning when all this wine has worn off…*amazed at the lack of spelling mistakes*


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