Ignore it and it’ll go away

Political leaders have this afternoon proved the economic
crisis to be very real, with the G20 summit concluding $1 trillion is going to
be used to tackle the worst of the global economy, for some however, the
recession is becoming boring and something to start acting a little more
relaxed about.

When the build up to the recession began it was the start of
a panic season of people suddenly unable to afford any amount of little
luxuries at all, despite no change to their personal finances. Some may be able
to argue this was all to go along with the ‘credit crunch craze’, a term so
overly used by the media it created a frenzy and panic where there was no
apparent need for either.

Students and many others began emphasising how much they
were cutting down on personal spending, including how New Year was going to be
spent at home with a cheap bottle of wine. The reality is, this happened,
people realised they’d wasted the entire holiday season when they hadn’t really
needed to save money any more than they had previously and are now bored of it.

When I went out for a quiet few drinks this week, one of two
things must have happened: either someone heard a rumour of free beer at the
bar I was at and the rest of the city turned up to see if it was true, or
people were actually just over saving their money and eventually wanted a
drink. Either way it resulted in the bar being about twice as crowded as it was
on New Year’s eve, and after a fight to get to the bar we then pursued one to
the door to find somewhere quieter.


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