Spare grades up for grabs

At the end of last week I got to know just how well I’d made
my decision to leave Leeds Met when I finally got all of my grades from the
first semester this year.

My first reaction was pretty positive (and slightly
surprised) as I’d done better than expected, the second was disappointment. This
was because although I was pleased with the results, they wouldn’t be carried
forward to count toward my final degree result unless I completed the year
which I’d already decided against (mostly because I didn’t want to begin my new
course in the third year and write a dissertation with no previous experience,
but also because the second year module options at Hull sound a lot more
appealing than the ones at Leeds Met).

Finally, a conclusive reaction set in when I began to
analyse my results: My highest grade (from my whole time at uni, not just this
semester) was gained from a module which was assessed 100% by written essay.
This backed up my theory of two parts: that I work best as an individual, and
deliver my best work through written work.

Although my lowest grade wasn’t a result of the opposite of
this, it reflected my feelings on assessment methods, and which ones were right
for me.

Although I’m leaving my course due to content after
realising it wasn’t for me, I never would have imagined that methods of
assessment could play such a vital role in my degree either. How you learn can
really influence the motivation you have towards the subject, and unfortunately
something had to give. I may have wasted a couple of years in one sense, but
gained many more in another. I’d rather leave now and start again than complete
a degree I’m not proud of and having to do the same thing X number of years
into my career.


2 thoughts on “Spare grades up for grabs”

  1. If you\’ve learnt valuable lessons about yourself, then the two years clearly have not been wasted.(I was about to apologise for putting ideas into your head – I\’m thinking in particular of the discussion of individualism and writing – but it\’s a teacher\’s job to put ideas into students\’ heads. Result!)

  2. Always open to new ideas, though with the rate I change my mind that\’s not always a good thing. Hence I should have been getting ready to start the course I am now three years ago. I\’ll get there in the end hopefully, and may even figure out what I\’m going to do afterwards in the process!

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