How much should I listen to the media’s advice?

I’ll be honest in saying I haven’t been religiously
following the news lately, but nobody can get away with being totally oblivious
to it unless they’re in social isolation.

The outbreak of Swine Flu wasn’t something I paid a lot of
attention to at first: It has been sourced in a different continent, isn’t
directly affecting me and the government say they’re readily equipped to deal
with an outbreak. Still, I thought a quick read-up from the BBC’s news website
couldn’t hurt, and it didn’t. From their take on the situation, people are
panicking unnecessarily about a virus which isn’t transmittable through humans

So now why are some UN officials advising against travel to Mexico and the US, especially when my planned 3
month trip is due to begin in 5 short weeks?

For something that wasn’t making me nervous earlier, it is
now. I’ve been saving up for this trip for the best part of five years and I pick
the summer during which a possible pandemic breaks out. Typical bad luck or
something to take more seriously?


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