PR school drop-outs, form a que

It seems by finally gathering the courage to leave my PR
degree this year I have started a trend.

This week two of my close friends told me they are also
planning on leaving the course: one to change to another within the department
and one to take different route entirely at another university, like myself.

So why are we all leaving now, two thirds of the way through
the degree, which in some ways would be easier to just get on with and finish
rather than start again?

When I told my friends of my choice to leave, one of them
replied ‘I wish I had the guts to leave, but I don’t so unfortunately I’m stuck
here’. Yes, my decision did take a lot of thinking over (about a year to decide
fully) but at the end of the day if you’re not enjoying the course you’re just
wasting another day every day you attend by pushing away the thoughts of what
you’d really like to be doing.

When us drop-outs do all finally graduate, it’ll be into a
competitive job industry. One into which being qualified in one specific area
would be beneficial and give us a stronger competitive edge when it comes to
recruitment. Instead we’re all choosing to study quite vague subjects, covering
a variety of areas.

The job market may be demanding graduates who are
specifically trained and ready to enter one particular area, but what use is
that if you don’t particularly like that area? One thing we all agreed on when
discussing our reasons for leaving was that if the course doesn’t interest you,
you simply won’t put the effort in and do well like you would with a subject
you enjoy.

I may find in a couple of year’s time I go back on this, but
at the moment I believe having a difficult start to a career but one to look
forward to is a stronger prospect than one that may offer a better beginning
but without the enjoyment of going to work each morning for.


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