If you can’t beat them, join them

In the run up to the local elections, the Conservatives are
ticking all the boxes in terms of campaigning and reaching out to voters. Their
social media tactics were put into practise much quicker than Labour’s
including their regular Tweets and Facebook updates, offering a head start when
communicating with a digital generation.

Although social media is relatively new, and a UK political
party has never had the opportunities they have today to campaign online, not
everything can be done for the very first time, which is when you take a leaf
out of someone’s book who’s already succeeded and follow their route.

Taking advice and studying successful campaign methods are
both good ideas when it comes to political campaigning, but just how much
studying of success is suitable?

The Conservatives’ new campaign motto of ‘Vote for Change’
offers clear similarities to that of President Obama’s ‘Change We Can Believe
In’, and in my opinion will lead people to think the party is taking the easy
route of following a known path that proved to work rather than coming up with
something fresh in a time where people are looking for new solutions.


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