What’s in a title?

Perhaps it’s the relief of knowing I’m finally about to
start my degree three years late that’s making me think there surely should be
something to worry about, or the fact that I’ll probably always have a slight
doubt in what I’m doing that’s making me wonder what my new university course
will do for me.

While I’m sure the course will suit me perfectly in its
content, the module choice and structure and the assessment methods, they all
add up to paint the bigger picture, which of course is what I get out of it in
the end. One thing will be a better-late-than-never degree, and another will be
(economy depending) variety of career directions to take, depending on whether I
choose to focus on the English, Media, Politics or other element while I’m

But of course before you start your career you must have a
CV to impress, and what effect this will have on employers when they see what
admittedly, is a particularly cushy degree title.

CV’s are there to draw the employer’s attention in;
interviews are to go through the information on them in detail, which is where I
would explain my choices for the degree, focuses within it and the quality of
work gone into it. But if all of this is drawn up under something which reads
as perhaps less professional than other degrees, even easier sounding, then how
much of an impact will this have on how others view my choice of degree?

Because I don’t have an exact career plan in mind right now,
and am opening myself up to larger choices with a varied topic degree, will I be
punished later and put behind those in the queue for jobs who knew what they
wanted to do from the start?

I’ve asked just about every question I could think of over
the last six months to do with this degree, but asking a question that hints
that the person’s profession that you are talking to is under-valued may come
across as a slight bit insulting, plus their answer would no doubt be biased.
So is it all just jump-in-and-hope-you-come-back up?


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