Go to the audience or wait patiently for the audience to come to you?

I haven’t posted a full blog entry on here for almost four months, yet I am still gaining readers and people referring back to older posts most days, even exceeding the reader figures of my new blog some days.

Several things had changed to make it seem the right time for a new blog on a more publicised, reputable site in addition to a suggestion that the name of my blog itself be changed due to my change of location (one change of a few). But one thing I know about social media is that it is largely up to your audience as to how to effectively succeed online, which is the reason for this entry: 

I would like to know whether to continue posting at my new blog (www.notebookandpen.webs.com) in the hope some readers eventually grasp I’ve moved and follow me, or whether to stay here; a site I’m almost guaranteed a larger following at but doesn’t strictly fit in with my current situation. 

So come on readers, you’re the ones that control this social media hemisphere, what would you prefer I do? Usual email replies welcomed if you’re unable to comment. 

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