Guess who won?

Since my last post it has been clear of an obvious winner for which blog to use, and the fact that this post has been published may be an obvious statement as to which won. (This one, if you haven’t guessed.)

Although Notebookandpen may have had a more professional feel to it, it does very much feel purely like my travel blog, and that other topics would seem out of place on the same site. If you read the blog however, you will know how much I enjoyed the adventure and that I am keen to go away again whenever possible so will keep the site open to add to at a later date. 
For now though, I am able to continue my rants and rambling about everyday life over here, which is perfect for tonight as this is exactly what I need to vent my frustration from the day. 
After around five or six of the ‘optional modules’ of my new course being unavailable due to numbers or timetable clashes (all because someone didn’t send me a choices form in April and I am therefore left with the remains of options) it seems I am still going to be stuck on a course studying modules I didn’t choose, even after changing my course to a subject that offers complete personal choice of modules, to suit individual interests on such a varied degree. 
Two weeks of trying to sort this out left me sat talking to my boyfriend over a meal about whether being at university at all was the right thing to do, and collectively decided to begin applying for jobs anywhere in the country to begin a fresh start (he hates his job too). The reasons that made us come to this decision largely being based on the fact that very few of our friends were in jobs they couldn’t have got without their degrees, and aren’t any better off career-wise for spending the time and money they had on a degree. 
This said though, the next morning I had a clearer head (partly due to the wine I’d drank with the meal) and I remembered the original reason for me firstly taking a year out to choose my degree, and secondly change it two years in for my original choice. The reason for this was because I wanted a degree for myself, not for any employer. The truth is the jobs I will aim for do not require degrees and though they may help achieve a job in my chosen area, are not necessary and make the time they take to achieve and the debt they cause a slight waste. 
This doesn’t stop me wanting one though, and caused me to go back to the old ‘head and heart’ scenario. My head was telling me not to go to uni, my heart was saying the opposite. I’m an old romantic though and the heart won, so this afternoon I spent two hours sat in a secretary’s office, sifting through the modules and electives compatible with my timetable, trying to come up with a solution. Unsuccessfully. 
Now I’m playing a waiting game to find out which modules I’m on and so have ample time to commit to some over-due writing (while enjoying the rest of the bottle of wine from the other night). 

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