25 New Things About Laura Smith

Ok so I have officially restarted blogging again after
travel blogging for the summer at another site (www.notebookandpen.webs.com)
and I really need to kick-start this one again, but what to write about?

Thinking about this I realised (give or take a week or two)
it has been two years since I began this blog and the topics I’ve covered have
varied considerably in that time, but does that mean my readers feel they know
me yet?

One of the posts I uploaded some time ago was “25 things
about Laura Smith”, as things and people inevitably change over time, as do our
situations, I thought now is a good a time as any to post “25 new things about
Laura Smith”; things that have changed about me since beginning blogging on my
2 year (ish) anniversary, so here goes:

1: I now know writing is something I love doing regularly.

2: If I work hard, I could make this my career.

3: This is the first career idea I’ve had that’s stuck for
quite some time.

4: Moving away to go to uni is great, but this doesn’t mean
it’s the right choice for everyone, and choosing a uni due to location isn’t a
bad thing.

5: I shouldn’t have chosen a degree to get me a job, but
instead a degree I’ll enjoy studying and find interesting personally.

6: I was absolutely right about New York: I love it there and have
officially fallen in love with a geographical location.

7: Now I’ve been there, my aim is to go back on a
semi-permanent basis.

8: Travelling gave me the best summer I’ve ever had and improved
my relationship 110%.

9: I’m not a fan of how easily I’ve gotten back into a home
routine I was worried I’d do as soon as I got back. Where’s my backpack?…

10: If I could do everything the way I want to, I’d graduate
in 2011 and spend the summer at home before travelling
Australia in winter, before going on to New York to settle for a

11: People are telling me to make my travel blog into a
book, and I quite like this idea.

12: Hull
really is a city I need to get out of as soon as I graduate. If I hear one more
“aw maaaaaaaaaaaaate”, amongst other things in the city centre I may explode.

13: I told myself I’d never live in London except for the right job and am now
realising I may have to come around to that idea.

14: Another NY one: It’s the best place in the world! Where
else has an amazing city atmosphere with so many different areas, a gorgeous
beach plus a park big enough to find a new part of it everyday for a month and
make you believe you’re nowhere near a city?

15: If I could only ever eat at one restaurant again it would
be the street restaurant in Tribeca with the cushions under the tree.

16: I am still determined to get a 1:1 degree, and now I
know what in.

17: I’m hugely excited I’ve finally found a new Ballroom and
Latin dance class that offers competitions after 5 years of my beautiful silver
shoes being stuck in the cupboard.

18: I’m just as excited about being in my first ever ballet
show at Christmas, if excited can be swapped with hyped up with fear about 90%
of the time.

19: I’ve decided to put some effort into finding more
writing experience, and doing so gained me my first cover story this month.

20: I never imagined finding a publication I thought would
actually damage my CV if I worked there, but have done so twice now.

21: I’m officially a loser after admitting to being
genuinely excited at the prospect of having to write essays this year, yay!

22: I really want another ginger flavour ice cream from The
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in
New York,
plus a t-shirt I wish I’d bought too.

23: As excited as I was to begin my farmyard collection of
chickens and rabbits this year, I’m going to hold off in case I actually do
manage to save up enough to go travelling again.

24: I received my best ever piece of post yesterday, telling
me I’d be getting £500 if I attend all my lectures as a student incentive!

25: Finally, I love the fact I have money to do my food
shopping at M&S rather than Morrison’s own range now, super yay. (Temporarily)
living at home has its advantages.


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