Who says you can’t go surfing in Weatherspoons?

Now really needing to get this blog going again, I reread the last couple of entries I’ve posted and realised I need to update my readers as well as just give them something to read.
The entry before last (the lengthy, ranty one) described how difficult and complicated starting my new degree has been, but for an update, that’s all sorted now, thank god. Instead of taking a module I knew nothing about except that I wasn’t overly keen with my options to study it, I’ve found a solution: skipping my elective this sememster and taking an additional one next semester instead. So far this is working out great, I love the modules I did get onto, they’re challenging me in different and enjoyable ways and I’ve met some new people too.
Ok, academic stuff over, I need to do some unsubtle PR for something now: My travel blog at notebookandpen.webs.com will tell you how I spent the summer travelling the USA, (and how amazing it was) and about half way through the trip was told about what is, in my opinion and many other’s, the best website I came across during those three months.
Travelling is often an expensive business, with most travellers not having had the opportunity to save as much as they wanted to before their trip and then finding themselves in some obscure location with no money for the overpriced hostel down the road, so what do they do? They CouchSurf!www.couchsurfing.org is a website that has allowed many people to travel with little or no budget available to them, by saving 100% of accomodation costs while you’re away. Simply searching for someone who lives in the area you’re travelling and requesting to sleep in their spare room, sofa, piece of floor or blow-up mattress is what it’s all about, with the only request being you return the favour to others who are travelling your city once you’re home (and you’re not even obliged to do that). 
I could go on and on about CouchSurfing all day without exhausting how amazingly convenient it can be. For one (quick) example, I found myself on a bus to Houston, Texas at one point with nowhere to go when I arrived, yet sending a few requests out to people left me with several offers of a place to stay, car rides from the station and drinks to meet people in the area, all from complete strangers who purely want to meet new people.
The best thing about it is it hasn’t stopped at travelling either, someone from Hull has organised a CS meet up tonight to continue meeting people and having fun from the city we all live in (whilst probably wishing we were all somewhere more exotic).
This may seem like I’m getting paid by the website to heavily promote it, that’s not it. I simply know just how much I appreciate hearing about this while I was travelling and want to tell others about it too, so check it out and go meet some Couch Surfers! 

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