Travellers and time limits.

Firstly, RE: Hull Couchsurfers meet-up. This was such a huge success and a massively fun night that it will now become a regular thing. Aside from meeting such an amazing variety of people, all living on my doorstep, it really created the hype travelling gives you again for the night, and really spurred me on to organising my next trip. 

I can see this blog taking shape now into what I suspect will largely be a travelling and university blog, but at least I have a topic. So onto the second one: university.

I’m now in week 6 of the semester (already!) and things are really starting to fall into place. My main concern was meeting people: at Leeds Met I had some incredibly close friends I saw everyday and had ridiculous amounts of fun with, and as amazing as they still all are, the ability for us all to now meet up has become apparent how difficult this is, all having different days off and living in different cities, plus the lack of money to travel to each other really does put a strain on friendships. This being so, I really wanted to put in double effort to meet as many new people living in the same city as myself for once.

Though the course is a fairly small one, I’ve made friends quickest in the past with fewer people around so thought of this as an advantage, except the course is small enough to have combined lectures and seminars into one session, meaning very few contact hours and chance to interact. 

Joining societies has helped, I’m about to perform in my first dance show, have written a main article for the student newspaper and have volunteered my time for fund raising and campaigning. This said, it still seems difficult to part the work (however much fun it can be) and the social side to things. Talking to people within groups and recognising more faces isn’t a bad thing, but moving this from group meetings to casual coffee chats is another. 

Naturally, the real aspect to university is starting to creep up now too. Doing the second year of a course without having studied the first does leave you slightly clueless to certain things, and I’ve discovered some assignments are going to be more challenging than first thought.

Never one to complain about work though (academic work, anyway) I best get back to the library before it closes for the night. If I had to give one thing to Leeds Met, it would be the library: the Headingley campus especially had an amazing one with what I consider perfect work spaces, plus the main advantage: 24 hour access, an unbelievably fantastic thing, something you especially realise when you move back to an 8 hour city. 

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