Jamming it up for Jail Break

This week has provided me with a much deeper insight into the life of a university magazine editor, a position I’ll get my hands on at the first opportunity if I can. For now though, it’s doing as much writing as I can across the various departments of Hull Fire, the University of Hull’s student magazine. 

Firstly, the editorial team (though I haven’t met them all yet) are a group of people who know how to take student socials that one step further than the norm. Talking to one of them earlier this week informed me of an annual event known as the Hull Fire Jail Break, it’s better than it sounds. Once a year each student involved is armed with £100 (aren’t budgets well spent?) and the challenge to get themselves as far away as possible in 24 hours. 
Seeming like an unusual but fun task, my imagination went to the country’s furthest towns, until I was informed someone successfully reached France last year. This is a competition like no other: there’s no apparent prize as far as I can tell, other than writing about the experience for a future edition of the magazine, but that’s not the point. Being a student is about having adventures, or so I assume, and it doesn’t get much better than this in a 24 hour time limit. 
At today’s Travel meeting rumours that some students went further still, reaching American waters spread and spurred us on to get involved, until we heard we might have been too late. Apparently a backwards form of the competition ran this year, where students we’re taken to various locations across the country and the first one to make it back won. 
This seemed a little boring to us, with the union as an end result not seeming quite as exotic as African shores or even China, as some people have meticulously planned. And so we decided we should hold the event ourselves, depending on willing participants and legal documents that may be needed for the responsibility of death and other pieces of bad luck to be removed from the organiser’s shoulders. 
This got us on to fund raising, and once I’d convinced the all-male turn out to get past the ideas of all-female naked calendars and other ideas mainly involving nudity and lack of participation on their part, we got down to producing some good ideas, the favourite being a Jam fight. 
Jam is the university’s radio station, closely teamed with Hull Fire in professional and social events, which is precisely why we found it particularly convenient to take their name as an excuse to host a jam fight on the university’s front lawns (assuming we won’t be let into Asylum which would take about a month to clean afterwards). The concept is pretty simple: students are amused by fun and messy events, they pay money to take parts in such messy events, not particularly caring about the state of clothing, etc if it means a good story to circulate to their friends at home and we raise the money to put on a Jail Break. Voila! Watch this space…(literally). 

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