I’ll admit it: I miss everything about Leeds but the PR degree.

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Leeds, see some friends I haven’t seen for a while and
also to look at how things have changed in a year.

It wasn’t until I was in Leeds I realised it has been
roughly a year since I left the city and my degree to pursue one in my home
town, which I thought had been an entirely positive decision, and it was when
looking at the main aspects of it: I was on a degree course I wasn’t enjoying,
paying more than my loan could afford in rent for a studio in an area of the
city centre I’m not sure I’d walk around alone now, let alone live for a year,
and had something to do 7 days a week.

After a wonderful lunch with the team of the magazine I was
News Editor for whilst living in Leeds, I
reminisced with my plus one (who had also left our PR course) about the things
we missed.

For her, it was very little: her new course has provided her
with exactly what she was looking for, and had given her more time during the
week (a highly sought after benefit for commuters).

I also knew my move had allowed me to have much more free
time, not only due to the number of contact hours required being much lower
than they were for PR, but in Leeds I had had a part time job (which I
admittedly don’t miss that much), position of News Editor for Behind the Spin
(which I miss the most), and two weekly placements on top of my assignments and
writing hobby.

It sounds like a lot and it was, my tutors often told me to
be careful I didn’t have too much going on and my days began at 7am and ended
at midnight (socialising not included), and did so 7 days a week because that
was the only way to fit everything in. The strange thing is I absolutely loved
it. I work best under pressure and saw my uni grades take a sharp rise during
this time.

It’s not that I’m a workaholic – I’m really not, I just
enjoyed the responsibilities I had and miss the people too.

Realising a degree in PR wasn’t for me was a good thing; I’ll
always say it was the right decision purely because I love my current course,
but I gave very little thought at the time to how the rest of my commitments
would be effected.

Now at home and about to move into a new house with the man
friend, I’m extremely happy in the personal sense, but have realised my ‘professional’
side is lacking.

My second semester is about to start and so with it I need
to focus on being busy again. I’d pick up all the responsibilities I had in
Leeds again in a second but a new start in a different city means I should have
had a new start for all of these aspects, and not just expect my degree alone
to fill the space so many other things did in Leeds.

So if you’re reading this as a professional in PR or writing
and want some free labour then get in touch. I have approximately 23 hours a
day to spare.


3 thoughts on “I’ll admit it: I miss everything about Leeds but the PR degree.”

  1. Hiya, Im a PR student at Leeds and would love to talk to you, Im not sure about whether to leave or not and I am about to take on a lot of responsibility to get experience in PR. If I could get your email that would be great!

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