I’m Laura and I’m an academic.

As the end of my degree draws nearer and nearer I’m finding myself desperately clinging on to the tailcoats of academia. So much so in fact that even in my final year I was reluctant to follow the path of my degree and chose a free elective in Indian Philosophy as a last attempt to broaden my horizon of knowledge.

I’ve blogged before on the topic of my love for academia and knowledge on various topics, using English and Law to distract me from my media essays when Facebook would be the norm for most. But recently this has got me thinking; what would I have covered if I really could have done everything? My degree has taken me everywhere from the politics, gender issues and drug wars of South America to the aesthetics of cult television and beyond, so it’s not surprising to say focussing my main area of interest in choosing a dissertation topic this year was a tricky thing to do. Given this, I came up with a few different ideas, some are realistic, some are more in tune with ‘if I could research anything…’, so I thought I should write them down. Here you go:

The influence Latin American media has on immigration to the United States: this was a topic I was completely intrigued by and submitted as my proposal. It wasn’t long into it that I found it’s limitations concerning current research available and how it probably went a bit further than undergraduate level research.

The invention of love in fiction writing: this idea came about after a discussion on Jane Austen with a friend. Neither of us can truly understand the hype surrounding her writing when as talented as she is with words, her descriptions of scenes just go on and on and… Then we came up with how love is far too common a topic in writing today. Fiction, song, film, you name it, love’s in it. I thought about how love had to have been a revolutionary topic at some time or another, just as time machines were for H.G. Wells, and sought to go about finding the source of love in fiction writing. Yeah I know, might have taken longer than a year, right?

The use of social media in political campaigning: I still love this idea, but I came up with it what feels like millennia ago now, back when Obama was still a regular guy from Chicago and feel it’s either (already) outdated or isn’t that relevant at the moment, given that the most exciting political campaigns in the US and UK are both now over. Plus I covered it in a research project last year. Stupid me.

Those are the main ones, and here’s to hoping I get chance to look into them all at some point in the future, whether for academic purposes or purely to live up to my geek ideology, but for now, feel free to steal them, but do let me know if they’ve inspired you with your own projects at all. Perhaps inspire is a strong word to use here. Helped you continue your own thinking. There, but inspire sounded better.


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